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For over 600 years, the followers of Mek, the God of Fire, squandered the freedom of our nations. Many were enslaved, save for those small communities that moved to the wildlands.

You are Faidh. Travelling through dusty and dangerous caverns, you will make your way to the Temple of Ero. Humanity’s hope rest on an ancient legend that holds the key to their futures.

The search for the meaning of your powers’ purpose will put your mind and creativity to the test.

A unique, atmospheric experience with an innovative mechanic. Master of Earth puts a twist on some tropes in gaming and brings new meaning to magic.


  • UNLEASH the powers of earth to create structures to travel or defend yourself.
  • EXPLORE the underground caves of an ancient temple once thought destroyed.
  • LEARN about the rise and fall of the elder gods who first reigned the world.
  • EVADE the dangers that protect the entrance to the temple for those who are not worthy.

Game details

Game features

System requirements

System: Windows 7, 8, 10

Processor: i3, i5 or better

Graphics: GTX 960 4GB or better

Storage: 800 MB available space