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Rallyallyally is a chaotic, local multi-player, party racing game where you compete with other drivers to roll out the road, carve up the landscape and decide the route to the finish line. As the leader of the race, you’re in control of the track, you decide the path to victory. But to hold on to that lead you’ll need to use your skill, reflexes, and a giant boxing glove on a spring. Mostly the boxing glove.

Some people go where the road leads them, others make their own paths.

Make your own tracks. No pre-made courses in this game, that’s your job (if you’re fast enough)!

Play with up to 8 players on one screen!

Obviously. And they’ve all got wheels! There are 15 different cars to drive, from monster trucks to double decker buses, tractors to sports cars.

Change your car’s appearance to suit you, choosing between colours, decals, rims and more.

Loads of powerups! Like a big boxing glove or even a grappling hook, just make sure you use them at the right moment!

Game details

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System requirements

OS: Windows 10

Processor: 2 GHz

Memory: 4GB RAM

Graphics: None